Highlighting Tentmakers - Fideli and Masanga Baptist Church

We first met Fideli about five years ago while living in Kigoma, Tanzania. He was the evangelist for Masanga Baptist Church, mainly because he was so outspoken in his faith. There was just one rather large problem. He didn’t really understand the Christian faith very well and ended up sharing what amounted to a prosperity gospel.

This is not unusual in Tanzania, where false teaching is rampant. However, what set Fideli apart from most others is that every time he was confronted with the truth of Scripture, he would renounce previous teachings and follow the Bible. He was always eager to hear the truth, and he couldn’t wait to share what he learned with others. You could see the Spirit working in him.

We walked with Fideli for almost two years before returning to the US, and when we returned to Kigoma this past summer after having been gone the last two years, we weren’t sure what we would find. However, we were elated to see that Fideli had continued in the teaching of Scripture. In fact, he was even more enthusiastic about sharing the Gospel with others than before.

Not only has he continued sharing the Gospel with everyone in his community, he is also working with a couple of others on a church plant in a nearby village. He is tireless in his work for the Lord. The difference now is that instead of preaching a prosperity gospel, he is sacrificing what little resources he does have to teach the true Gospel.

Does this mean that all theological and lifestyle questions have been resolved among Fideli and others in the area? No, which is why it is so important to continue to foster deep relationships that facilitate deep discipleship.

This is also why Tentmakers Together seeks partners that understand the challenges of combating false teachings and are committed to building long-term relationships that point to Jesus alone as our Lord and Savior.

We began Tentmakers Together to share the God-given gifts and talents of people like Fideli – pastors, evangelists, and all believers who are willing to sacrifice themselves for the spread of the Gospel even when resources are scarce – with our brothers and sisters here in America. By opening new markets where Fideli and others can earn a living even as they give their time and energy to share the Gospel among the lost, we hope to help them engage in the difficult work of church planting. 

Fideli and his family have been a huge blessing to the Tentmakers Together family over the years, and we are so grateful to count him as a fellow tentmaker. When you buy cards from Tentmakers Together, you benefit Fideli and others like him.

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